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3 Important SQL Business Tools You Must Know About

Microsoft has invested hugely in business tools, such as Power Pivot, SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS utilizing its SQL server to gain grip on industry and IT segment. To lead the field at a meteoric rate, Microsoft and many other companies have developed SQL business tools that help in reporting, analysis, statistical modeling, QLAP servers, and data mining. The tools are intended to gain insight into or get exposure to business. From the past few years, there has been huge advancement in the technology and investors try to hold their share of the business market.

SQL business tools developed by Microsoft focus around its technology, management studio, share point server, excel, and visual studio framework. The tools offer an integrated environment for developers to look after their database work for SQL server. With expertise in these business tools, it’s easy to get jobs with good payscale.

The SQL management studio and visual studio object explorer works more or less similar. It lets the developer to perform light duty design work and database administration. It is very easy to create, rename, edit, store procedures, and delete tables, functions, and types. You can compare schemas, make changes in table data, and execute test cases. These offer lifecycle service for database management and development for Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL server.

SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services)

It is web based analytical, reporting, data mining, OLAP, and processing tool in SQL server; it has been in use by hundreds of companies to calculate, analyze and spread out the business info across several databases. It is a tool that works on SQL server, after completion of installation program; it is the most powerful service offered by SQL server and rest includes SQL server reporting, SQL server integration, and database engine services. This tool is also capable of creating and managing cubes, as well as hierarchical data model, comprising of both columns and rows.

It is very easy to build a cube; you need to define data connection in data mart or warehouse, which comprises of sources from spreadsheets, text files, web or other databases. Once you build the connection, defining data sources is a straightforward process and from there, you can classify metrics, attributes, measures, dimensions, and facts.

If you’ve been working on this domain or want to change the company, you need to know about all these tools to clear the SQL interview questions.

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

Developed by Microsoft, this SQL business tool can be utilized to perform a series of data migration jobs. You can learn more about business tools and intelligence methods to perform reporting and analysis. You can connect data with other heterogeneous sources from other vendors, spreadsheets, flat files, MRP systems, and ERP. The main purpose of this tool is control flows and data flows.

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

This tool is broadly used in every organization to analyze, retrieve, and report data; it reads the information that had been formerly stored either in data mart or warehouse. It defines the data source, data model, comprising of views, tables etc.

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